December Stillness


December holds many opportunities for new beginnings.  There are holidays that inspire us to celebrate joy and peace in our lives.  It is the last month of the calendar year, inspiring us to reflect on our lives both past and future.  In December, and every month, there is a new moon which offers a great place in time to plant a new seed of growth.  For me it is my birthday month where gratitude plays an especially big role in my thoughts and actions.  And there is the winter solstice, the longest night (or shortest day) before we turn with the sun.  These are all points of focus which can inspire us to change. 

At the center of all these events is a stillness.  It is important to offer attention to the stillness in these moments.  This is where we find balance.  We can also note what’s out of balance, and from these observations we can choose to make a deliberate change in our lives or we can simply allow room for spontaneous action.

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