For the weeks leading up to my birthday I contemplated what goal I wanted to achieve this year.  Not an easy process as my history of goal setting has been rife with incompletes.  As I reviewed my history I recognized my tendency to choose objectives that 1) did not interest me, though I thought they did. 2) required me to learn something in an unreasonable amount of time.  Or 3) required me to let go of something that stripped my life of joy.  I saw that I needed to contemplate what my own interests are instead of reaching for some goal in the clouds.  And I needed to be reasonable.  Not limiting, just reasonable.

On December 1st of this year I set out on a mission to balance body and mind.  I realize that achieving homeostasis is a daily practice and not measured by a final goal.  And there are many, many steps to take in creating harmony in our body and mind.  My commitment to myself is this:  365 days of exercise (be it a walk, hike, bike, run, yoga, alternate nostril breathing, anything) for 20 minutes a day.  One day at a time.  From this promise I will remain open to other intentions that arise and allow myself to follow new challenges.  I will track days here to share my experience and hope you will join me for the inspiration and support.  Join me in contemplating or setting your own reasonable personal goal.


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